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Our company carries out its daily production within the frame of our hygiene and sanitation principle which is the primary condition of our sense of quality and in accordance with the ISO: 22000 – 2005 Food Safety System Requirements. Milk prepared for production is approved only after it is tested under micro bacterial measures according to our quality standards and receives confirmation.

Following processes are included in our production; pasteurization of milk, that is to turn into delicious cheese, fermentation and resting of cheese, approval of fresh prepared cheese for production, product production formulation, preparing products to be baked by cutting with our dough cutting equipment.

After the prepared dessert is oven cooked it is made ready to be shipped and delivered upon being packaged according to ISO: 22000 – 2005 Food Safety System.

Our employees, whom we value a lot, are qualified to prepare Mustafakemalpaşa Cheese Dessert, Şekerpare Dessert, Whip Cream and Lor (soft, uncured goat’s cheese; similar to cottage cheese) cheese through the routine training they receive on the developing production techniques and work under very hygienic conditions.

Corporate   |   Products   |   Production   |   Our Branches   |   Quality   |   Contact